Honor Hayden by defending our public lands


Everyone who knew Hayden knows he loved exploring wild places. His family created the Hayden Kennedy Public Lands Defense Fund as a way to honor Hayden’s kind and adventurous spirit and his important legacy to the outdoor community. In lieu of flowers, Hayden's family asks that donations be made to the fund, administered by Access Fund in partnership with Black Diamond Equipment and Patagonia. These funds will be used in the fight to protect America's public lands. 



Hayden Kennedy was a bright light among the new generation of young alpinists. He had an idealistic approach to climbing and navigated ethical considerations with a rare honesty and thoughtfulness.

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Michael and Julie Kennedy created the Hayden Kennedy Public Lands Defense Fund to honor their son's love of adventuring on America's public lands.

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An excerpt from Hayden's unfinished book proposaL:

Thoughtful climbing and conservation runs deep within the ethos of
climbing, from John Muir’s first steps in the Sierra to Yvon Chouinard’s approach to
business in the outdoor industry to Kris and Doug Tompkins’ incredible vision in
Southern Patagonia, and now Alex Honnold’s non-profit efforts for the environment.
Climbers have a voice and climbers have the opportunity to make the changes
needed to fight these battles.
With that said climbing is a very singular activity that can breed a selfish
approach. Thoughtful climbing and making a conscious effort to protect the areas
that we find so powerful must happen as we progress into the future. I have spent
my entire life running rivers, skiing in the mountains, hiking in the forests, breathing
the thin air, watching the void grow below as I climb higher, but all of this doesn’t
matter if we lose access to these protected lands or if we don’t respect them.
I believe I have an obligation to dedicate my time to bring awareness to the
issue of protecting our public lands while also inspiring climbers to continue to
benefit from these wonderful places in a respectful manner.

—Hayden Kennedy